roche industrie
23 Bd Pierre et Marie Curie 42230 Roche la Molière
tel : 33 (0) 4 77 34 58 00 fax : 33 (0) 4 77 34 58 04


A team of specialists to serve your needs.

Audacios, sometimes reckless, every project interest us, because our aim is to satisfy you our customers..
Any problem has an answer, we shall be satisfied to solve your particular situation.

For you , we have years of experience, of seriousness, of quality, of competences, always here for your studies and estimations.

ROCHE CHAUDRONNERIE MAINTENANCE took over a company created in 1982 on Roche la Molière.
We are implanted in France, in Rhone Alpes near Lyon ( MAP),
on a 8000 m2 area, among which 1600 m2 place settings..

The firm

We are specialised in the building of all necessary elements

in steel industry (encocheuses, centreurs, wagons taking down cylinders, built, mechanic welded, tensionneuses, blowinf ramps , etc),

- in boilermaking industry (aluminium, stainless steel),

- in industrial piping, we also fabricate::

- hydraulic and pneumatic equipment,

- tops of vats and voutes for electrical ovens (Acieries),

- fans for smokes extraction,

- coffers distributors of air,

- complete groups manufactured, taken up, sanded down, painted with equipment.